3D Metal Yantra : Sri Saraswati 3D Yantra for Knowledge, Education, Motivation, Memory Power, Concentration, Creativity, Higher Studies, Competition Exams, Marks & Ranks

Product Information

Divine Sri Sarasvati 3d Chakra (made of Multi Metal) is for Knowledge, Education, Motivation, Memory Power, Concentration, Creativity, Higher Studies, Competition Exams, Marks & Ranks

Knowledge is the core essence of Life. Attaining Knowledge and Wisdom is a never ending process and cannot be complete without the Divine Blessing and Divine Guidance. The Primary Devi (Shakthi, Angel) for Knowledge, Education, Creativity, etc. is the Goddess Sri Saraswathi (the Holy Consort of the God of Creation – Lord Brahmadeva). The four Vedas, books of universal knowledge, were her offspring. Her mount, the Swan (Annapakshi), personifies Pure Knowledge & Divine Wisdom and her herald, the Peacock, is a Divine Symbol of the Arts & Crafts. She is the river of consciousness that enlivens creation; she is the dawn-goddess whose rays dispel the darkness of ignorance. She is the impeller of true, sweet speech and she is the creative process with the syllable, ‘OM.’ She is the potent quality of sound. She triggers your thirst for intellect and develops your scholarly talents and artistic skills.

The Saraswati 3D Yantra personifies the divine qualities of Sri Saraswathi Devi and showers all of them on the User to whom it is programmed to. The Multi Metal Sri Sarasvati Yantra here is in 3D form (Three Dimension) and is many folds more powerful than the flat 2D Yantra. This Sarasvati 3D Yantra is useful for students of all ages who wish to gain knowledge and also score successfully in examinations; the employed and self-employed who wish to improve on their talents and develop new skills, in order to progress in life. You can read below the many benefits of this 3D Metal Yantra, as listed by the scriptures.

Many experienced Vedic Astrologers, Vaastu Shastra Consultants and Pundits recommend the mighty Sri Sarasvati 3D Metal Yantra to excel in their studies and exams as a Divine Energy Tool for students of all ages.

It is customary practice in many parts of India to gift it on auspicious occasions like Wedding, Anniversary, Grahapravesh, Birthday, Opening Ceremony, etc. to mark their good intention and to bless with positive energy.

The Sri Saraswati Yantra or Sri Sarasvati Metal 3D Yantra can be used at home as well as office/shop/factory. As the Sri Saraswati Metal 3D Yantra channeled by us comes to you after it is cleansed, energized and custom-programmed (to your name, date and time of birth) to suit your personal energy field, the Sri Saraswati Metal Yantra in 3D form can be kept anywhere, facing any direction without any restrictions and continue to receive it’s energy.

This particular model of Sri Saraswati 3D Chakra is made of Multi Metal with a beautiful Brass Polish. Approximate size : 5.5″L x 5.5″B x 2″H, approximate weight : 750 grams.

You can browse this site for many more varying and interesting models, shapes and sizes of Saraswati Chakras – made in Shriparni Wood, Multi Metal and Gemstone Crystals.

Input Data : User Name, Date and Time of Birth. If birth data is suspect or not available, then Name and a recent photo will be required.

Placement : In pooja place or any other location.

Once you select the model that you desire, you may approach us for availability and prices – call 098422-40274, 097897-78833 or mail to crystalyantra@gmail.com, crystalvaastu@yahoo.com.

Benefits of Sri Saraswati 3D Metal Yantra

Many ancient scriptures like Devi Mahatmya, Mahavidya Tara and Tantrasara attribute various benefits to the Sri Saraswati 3D Yantra. They state that by installing a Sri Saraswati Devi 3D Yantra (which is Cleansed, Energized & Custom-Programmed to an individual with systematic activation), the following benefits will accrue over a period of time :

(1) gain concentration, focus and strong memory power
(2) grasp knowledge, digest and retain
(3) attain sharp intellect and intelligence
(4) keep extending the learning curve
(5) have sustained interest in studying, analyzing
(6) progress in education, higher studies and research programs
(7) score good marks and ranks in tests and examinations
(8) post academic success
(9) win in competitive exams
(10) transform dull-wittedness to normality
(11) students to continue studies who had suffered breaks in their education
(12) achieve in fine arts like singing, dance, music, painting, etc.
(13) excel in speech, oratory
(14) awaken the creative side and achieve artistic goals
(15) translate imagination into reality for artists, craftsmen, artisans, designers, actors, etc.
(16) proficiency in intuitive skills and a creative bend of mind
(17) enhance communication skills and oratorial capabilities
(18) channel smartness and innovativeness
(19) career success through logical reasoning, analytical skills and problem solving techniques
(20) strengthen power of thinking and correctly interpreting
(21) minimize suffering from the bad effects of a malefic Jupiter Planet (Guru Preethi)
(22) acquire spiritual wisdom
(23) remedy for certain mental disorders, weak intellectual growth and lunacy

To summarize, the Saraswathi 3D Metal Yantra bestows the powers of – Swar : Sound, Varna : Alphabet, Shabda : Word, Vani : Speech, Gyan : Knowledge, Sangeet : Music, Kala : Arts, Kasual : Skills, Kshamata : Ability to gain Near Perfection & Success in Performance, among others.

Sri Saraswati 3D Multi Metal Yantra is an ideal Divine Energy Tool for all :

(1) People who want to expand their boundaries of knowledge and wisdom
(2) People who aspire to achieve higher standards in their education
(3) Students who crave to score well in tests and examinations
(4) Professionals like Teachers, Professors, Academicians and Researchers who wish to excel
(5) Professionals and people who yearn to sharpen their creative skills
(6) People who need to perfect their artistic abilities
(7) People who wish to be ‘Jack of All Arts’
(8) People who seek to succeed in technical and scientific fields

Beyond doubt, a MUST HAVE 3D Yantra for students of all ages.


Goddess Sarasvati is well known in a variety of other religions outside of Hinduism too. She appears in Jainism and many forms of Buddhism, and has made her way from India to Japan as well as to other places around the world.

In Jainism, Sarasvati has been given many titles, a few of these include: The Dispeller of Darkness & Ignorance, The Remover of Infatuations, The Destroyer of Miseries and The Bestower of Knowledge. As in Hinduism, she also stands as a Divine Symbol of Purity.

In the transition from early Theravada Buddhism to Mahayana Buddhism, many elements of Hinduism were transplanted into Buddhism. In Buddhism, Sarasvati is the Bestower of Knowledge, Intelligence & Memory; and she confers Wisdom and Learning upon her worshipers. She possesses many forms within Buddhism, including Vajra-Sarasvati, Vajrana-Sarasvati, Vajra-Sarada and Maha Sarasvati. During a period of Tantric dominance within Buddhism, many of the Mahayana Buddhist texts were transmitted through the Himalayan passes to Nepal, Tibet, Java, China and eventually Japan.

In Tibet, she is known as Vajra-Sarasvati and is often depicted as wielding a Thunderbolt (Vajra). In Japan, the Goddess Benten is seen as a manifestation of Sarasvati. Her full name in Japanese is Dai-Ben-Zai-Ten or The Great Divinity of Reasoning Faculty. She is believed to confer power, happiness, riches, long life, fame and reasoning powers. In later times she came to be regarded as one of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune.

The Sarasvati Devi is also known as Sharada, Shatarupa, Veenapani, Pustaka Dharini, Vidyadayini, Dhanesvari, Bijagarbha, Vinapani, Vageshvari, Sakala Kaladhishtatri, Sharade, Sharadamba, Vani, Mahavidya, Brahmi, Kalaimagal, Kalaivaani, Bharathi, Vaakdevi, Vagdevi, Vani, Varadhanayagi, Chaduvula Thalli, in various contexts and languages in India. She is quite popular all over Eastern Asia : in Burmese as Thurathadi and Tipitaka Medaw, in Chinese as Biancaitian, in Japanese as Benzaitenb and in Thai as Surasawadee.

What is the difference between a 2D Yantra and 3D Yantra?

The difference in the concepts of a 2D and 3D Yantra can easily be understood through a practical and popular example : there are two varieties of Sri Yantra. The first and the most commonly found is the flat, two dimensional, linear form. In this, the entire sacred geometry is drawn on a single flat plane. This concept is called the 2D Yantra. The second variety is the three dimensional one. Here, the Yantra is in the pyramidal form and because of the mountain shape, it is named after the mythical divine mountain Meru. In this 3D version of the plane form, the outlines of the geometry are elevated in gradual steps to form an iconic structure. Thus, if the Sri Chakra is made as a three dimensional figure with length, breadth and height, then it is called Meru Chakra. This concept is called the 3D Yantra. The 3D Yantra is multi folds more powerful than the 2D Yantra.

What is a 3D Yantra? Why a 3D Yantra?

If a 2D Yantra is systematically Cleansed and Energized through advanced Siddha Empowering Techniques, the energy projected in the x, y and z axis will exactly resemble it’s 3D version. This Virtual Yantra is, in fact the REAL YANTRA. In other words, the relationship between a 2D Yantra and a 3D Yantra is that of between the sketch of a building and the building itself. Beyond doubt, a 3D Yantra will be multi folds more powerful than it’s 2D version.

Advantages of a 3d Yantra over a 2d Yantra

(1) In principle, the 3D Yantra has multi folds more power than it’s 2D version – it can receive more energy, store more energy, process more energy and transmit more energy.

(2) The pyramidal structure of a 3D Yantra allows the Attuned Professional to incorporate more sophisticated Programming into it, to exercise better control over the spatial energy and the Chakras of the individuals involved, to achieve faster and better results.

(3) The very Energy Engine driving the 3D Yantra is so very different (than that of a 2D Yantra) that it can accept more complex programming which enables a very long life – a ‘near permanent’ life, unlike most religious 2D Yantras that have very short life span like a year or much less.

(4) Again, the more sophisticated and stronger energy structure of a 3D Yantra can easily support very advanced programming by an Attuned Professional to exempt it from ritual cleansing, milk bath, nithya pooja, daily mantra chanting, prasad offering, etc. This is achieved by time-tested Powerful Siddha Programming Techniques which help maintain the 3D Yantra with stipulated and excellent energy levels 24/7.

Important Notes that one should be aware of :

(1) This Divine Metal Energy Tool displayed here is an excellent Metaphysical Energy Tool for boosting the Positive Energies and/or for protecting from the Negative Energies, as specified in the product description.
(2) Like all genuine remedies, the above Divine Metal Energy Tool too is required to be Cleansed, Energized & Custom Programmed to a specific individual (or family as the case may be) in order to make it work as a proper Cure and/or Enhancer – that is the minimum eligibility for any remedy. Using powerful remedies like this without the mandatory activation can cause harm to the User (and family). All Remedies channelled by us are Cleansed (Sudhdhi Karana), Energized (Prana Prathishta, Empowered, Energised, Energized, Energy Imbibed, Energy Infused, Energy Instilled, Energy Charged) and Pre-Programmed for the stated purposes and Custom Programmed (Samuka Karana) to the desired User’s Birth Data, at the time of purchase.
(3) This product does not require any periodic cleansing (or energizing), as it has already been systematically cleansed and energized through time tested Siddha Techniques.
(4) Due to the systematic Power Activation done by us, there is no need for the customer to perform any ritualistic daily worship, nitya pooja, mantra chanting, japa or rigorous fasting.
(5) No extra cleanliness is ever required on your part. All the rigorous processing that needs to be done are completed by us fully and only then channelled to you.
(6) This Metal Energy Tool is not Programmed for any specific time period – hence has a long life, unlike the typical flat, metal 2D Yantras.
(7) This Metal Energy Tool channelled by us can never, ever give any negative side effects at any point of time, because of our special Programming Techniques.
(8) This Metal Energy Tool can be kept in any one physical location (preferably in pooja place or in any other place) facing any direction.
(9) No Abisheka (Sacred Water Bath) is required, as it is already Custom Programmed to maintain correct energy levels.
(10) This Metal Energy Tool is specifically Programmed to work on the related Chakras (Physical Chakras, Mental Chakras & Spiritual Chakras) of a specific Individual, without interruption, for better results.
(11) This Metal Energy Tool is suitable for any and all of the 12 Zodiac Signs irrespective of sex, age, nationality, religion, caste, country or culture.
(12) You may browse our 3D Yantras FAQs (click here) before placing your order – we have put together the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them. This section will help you to gain a better understanding about the products, processes involved, percentage of success, time required for gaining results, etc. If you still have a query that you think is not covered in our FAQs, you may contact us.

For Authentic Divine Shriparni Energy Tools Cleansed, Energized & Programmed (to birth data) , call 098422-40274, 097897-78833 or mail to crystalyantra@gmail.com, crystalvaastu@yahoo.com.